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Mighty Riders West Siiiiiiiiiiiide!

April 16, 2009

Our sign is up, so does that mean we’re official?! I think so. Our buds Rayner and The Dork came through big with the vinyl to make our awning hot and re-energize the sandwich board. Booyah!


2 rides……one team?

April 1, 2009

First, Thursday night CX. Leaving from Mighty West Siiiiide at 6:30. Except last week, and the week before, and probably this week. But we’ll do it again I swear. Discuss.

Second, the Pacific Populaire is this weekend. Leaving Riley Park at 32nd and Ontario at 9:00am. Maybe those of us that aren’t racing should come out and rep the orange and black? I think seeing Bill and Connie do the ride on the tandem will be well worth the $25 that we’ll have to pay to do a ride we normally do for free. Agree?