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Pumpkin Cross

October 27, 2009

Proof that Morgan is the best at ‘getting it up’:

And a scary, scary picture for Halloween:
Pretty boy and the Three Stooges

October 27, 2009

Chairman Ting – Bicycle wall art from carsonting on Vimeo.

Might May at World’s

October 19, 2009

Mighty Riders very own May Jung headed down to Sydney, Australia to race in some beautiful warm weather at the World Masters Games. She was a very respectable 8th in the Road Race and 14th in the Time Trial. These results are quite impressive as May is in her first full year of racing. And like most of our athletes, she manages to balance training and racing with a busy day-to-day life. She has her own business (personal trainer) and is a busy mom – her son, Curtis ‘Crazy Legs’ Jung, is one of the fastest young riders in BC.

Congratulations May! You are an inspiration to all of us as we head into our winter training.

Climbing 101

October 16, 2009

This past long weekend I decided to go for a mountain bike ride. I was invited by some of the old school racers to do some ‘hilly’ trail riding up past Pemberton at a hidden little gem called Gun Lake. Insert 2100m mountain passes and a former multiple Provincial Road Race and Hill Climb Champion and you have the recipe for some aching lungs/legs and a broken fun meter. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but Mighty needs to go on a road trip here.

Jim Horner GP….in pictures.

October 13, 2009

Day two of the Canadian CX Nationals was the Jim Horner GP. Slightly different course, but just as cold and snowy. I missed Jays race in the morning because I was getting my beauty sleep, and I didn’t take any picture while I was actually racing, but I managed to catch the A race:

Our wonderful hosts, Ted and Lisa.

“A” staging. Spot the carrot!

Jay Loder, the man with the bag full of gifts.

Ted’s shoes were so hot they were melting the snow.

Our RACEFACE equipped bikes kept us racing and had our backs in the pits.

Your photographer.

Nick, out of the bowl, back on the bike, sayin NO THANKS to the pumpkin pie and whipped cream hand off.


Nick rides while the Green Hornet runs.

1:07:56 of 1:07:59

Thumbs up!

Cross Nat’s

October 12, 2009
Our own Jay Loder made a visit to the podium in Edmonton finishing in third place in the Masters C Men proving that beer and T3’s are the best of training partners. In the Elite Men, Nick Berry rep’d the Mighty colours well with a 12th place. In the additional day of racing, Jay followed up his podium with a hungover 4th place, Nick was 18th and Matt Barber was 14th in the Masters A Race. No word on whether Barber left the contents of the previous nights drinking and debauchery on his top tube like he did last week… I believe we all need a Crown and Coke to celebrate a good Edmonton Nationals weekend Alberta style. Sounds like we need a team meeting.

He wants to ride his MTB

October 2, 2009

The big H dissin’ roadies everywhere. Including but not limited to: their sissy shaved legs, no drop rides and their stuck up demeanor. May I point out there be no shaved legs on this humble blogger…