Jim Horner GP….in pictures.

Day two of the Canadian CX Nationals was the Jim Horner GP. Slightly different course, but just as cold and snowy. I missed Jays race in the morning because I was getting my beauty sleep, and I didn’t take any picture while I was actually racing, but I managed to catch the A race:

Our wonderful hosts, Ted and Lisa.

“A” staging. Spot the carrot!

Jay Loder, the man with the bag full of gifts.

Ted’s shoes were so hot they were melting the snow.

Our RACEFACE equipped bikes kept us racing and had our backs in the pits.

Your photographer.

Nick, out of the bowl, back on the bike, sayin NO THANKS to the pumpkin pie and whipped cream hand off.


Nick rides while the Green Hornet runs.

1:07:56 of 1:07:59

Thumbs up!


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